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Music and Sound Effects

This is a list of Halloween music and sound effects available on CD. Many of these are discontinued. I do not sell these, I am just providing this list for your convenience. I have marked some of my favorites with , but I have not heard them all.

A Haunting We Will GoGhastly Ones, The
A Night in a Haunted House{misc} Haunted Sounds
An Air of Terror{misc} Orchard Lane
Born of the NightMidnight Syndicate
CD CreepiesDisguise
ChillerKunzel, Erich
Chiller ThrillerScreenmusic
Choice CutsMilan
Classic Horror FilmsKRB
Classics from the CryptBMG
Clive ManorMichael Hedstrom
Cool Ghoul's Halloween Party MixBare Bones
Dancing with the DeadEllipsis
Dead Man's BallZacherley
Demonic SoundscapesOrchard Lane
Demons & DevilsLaserLight
Dimension of the Demented DoctorBare Bones
Dr Demento's Spooky Tunes{misc}
Dr Love's Monster Party MixKRB
Elmo Says BooSony
Elvira Presents Haunted Hits{misc}
Elvira Presents Monster Hits{misc}
Elvira Presents Revenge of the Monster Hits{misc}
Essential Death & Horror 1BBC
Essential Death & Horror 2BBC
Family Scarytime Classics{misc} Billboard
Fangtastic GroovesDrew`s Famous
Fiends, TheFiends, The
Freaks Come Out At NightMadacy
Fright ClassicsMadacy
Fright NightCBS
Fright NightExcelsior
Fright NightGemstone
Fright Night Beyond the GraveKRB
Fright Night DelightLaserlight
Gates of DeliriumMidnight Syndicate
Ghastly GroovesSony
Ghostly Songs & StoriesBare Bones
Goosebumps Sounds of HalloweenMadacy
Halloween BashAllegheny
Halloween Big Screen ThrillersDJ's Choice
Halloween Compact Disc{misc}
Halloween Dance party Favs V2Turn Up The Music
Halloween Fright NightTurn Up The Music
Halloween Haunted HouseBCI
Halloween HavocK-tel
Halloween HitsRhino
Halloween HootenannyZombie
Halloween HorrorBare Bones
Halloween HorrorsA&M
Halloween HowlsGold, Andrew
Halloween HysteriaBare Bones
Halloween Monster MusicBCI
Halloween NightSinger Sound
Halloween Party (2 discs)Retro
Halloween Party MusicDrew`s Famous
Halloween Scariest Movie Themes & HauntingsDJ's Choice
Halloween Scary StoriesBCI
Halloween Songs & SoundsDisney
Halloween Sound EffectsLaserlight
Halloween Sound Effects V1Total Recording
Halloween Sounds of HorrorMadacy
Halloween Sounds of Horror (pumpkin)Viderex
Halloween Sounds of Horror (skull)Viderex
Halloween Spooky SoundsBCI
Halloween Stomp{misc}
Halloween Story of HorrorViderex
Halloween's Greatest StoriesPoe, Edgar Allan
Haunted HitsRhino
Haunted Hits, Old NavyWarner
Haunted Horror SoundsForum
Haunted House CD, TheLaserlight
Haunted House HorrorsDrew
Haunted House PartySpecial Music
Haunted House, TheNimbus
Haunted Mansion 30th AnniversaryDisney
Haunted Sounds and Scary TalesHoliday
Headbanger HalloweenDJ's Choice
Headless HorsemanKeynote Productions
Horror & Terror Part 1Bare Bones
Horror & Terror Part 2Bare Bones
Horror CircusIntrosound
Horror HitsPaper Magic
Horror HotelDr. Lady
Horror Movie Madness{misc}
Horror Movie Madness, More (2d)Bare Bones
Horror SoundsFun World
Horror Sounds CDWal-Mart/Fun World
Horror Sounds of the NightPaper Magic
Horror Sounds of the NightTopstone
House of Horror ShiversPeter Pan
It's HalloweenZuceK & Earl
It's HalloweenDr Slime
Jerry Joy Halloween MusicMiranda & Suarez
Kids Spooky Songs & StoriesK-Tel
Little Evil ThingsMacchia, Frank
Little Evil Things IIMacchia, Frank
Little Evil Things IIIMacchia, Frank
Little Evil Things IVMacchia, Frank
Mephisto & CoReference
Midnight CircusMichael Hedstrom
Midnight FeverLaserlight
Monster HitsMancini, Henry
Monster MashPickett, Bobby
Monster Mash and Other Sounds of HorrorMadacy
Monster Mash Rock n Roll PartyRetro
Monster MixBare Bones
Monster Rock n Roll Show{misc}
Monster SongsFair, Jad & David
Monsters, Ghouls, Goblins, & DemonsUniversal
Murder and MayhemMarco Polo
Music for your Halloween PartyK-tel
Music for your NightmareSchramm, Steven
Mystery Soond EffectsRTV
New Wave HalloweenRhino
Nightmare ManorLaserLight
Old Gray Goose Scary Stories for HalloweenKRB
Phantom PhavoritesUAV
Realm of ShadowsMidnight Syndicate
Rock & HorrorScreaming Lord Sutch
Rockin' Halloween PartyBriggs
Satan Takes a HolidayLavey, Anton
Scary HalloweenCreative Music Marketing
Scary Sound EffectsRhino
Scary Sound Effects, Son ofRhino
Scary SoundsPaper Magic
Scary SoundsStanley
Scary Sounds from the Haunted HouseCreative Music
Scary Sounds of HalloweenK-Tel
Scary StoriesRhino
Screamin' HalloweenSony
Screamin' Halloween SoundsBare Bones
Screeches, Clanks & HowlsK-Tel
Sha Na Na Halloween Oldies PartyMadacy
Sounds from a Night of Terror{misc}
Sounds of FrenzyMadacy
Sounds of HalloweenMadacy
Sounds of Halloween (1998)Madacy
Sounds of Halloween NightRetro
Sounds of Halloween, MoreMadacy
Sounds of HorrorLaserlight
Sounds of HorrorMadacy
Sounds of HorrorExcelsior
Sounds of Horror 2Excelsior
Sounds of Horror In The Haunted houseMadacy
Sounds of Horror, Sci-Fi, the WeirdNesak
Sounds to Haunt Your HouseK-Tel
Space InvasionVirtual Pumpkin
Spooky FavoritesRhino
Spooky Scary SoundsMartha Stewart
Spooky SoundsRubie's
Spooky SoundsUniversal
Spooky Tales & Scary SoundsHolly Music
Super Scary Monster PartyGNP
Tales from BeyondBare Bones
Tales from the TombLaserlight
Terrifying Horror SoundsFranco
Themes of HorrorEmporio
Torture ZoneLaserLight
Totally Gross Sound FX from HellUnderground Sound
Vampire SongsBare Bones
Very Scary MusicLaserlight
Weird & ScaryMilan
Witches, Monsters, & GhostsLaserlight

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